As Mark Twain said:
"The 2 most important days in your life are when you’re born
and the day you find out why!"


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Hi, I am Uwe Dockhorn, a Breakthrough Coach…
…I help professionals, doctors, dentists, and entrepreneurs to embody their true why so they can turn their purpose into impact and be wickedly effective 24/7.

In an era of increasing Burnout, it is more important than ever to Break Through To Brilliance and Protect Your Vitality, Your Business, and Your Family because you have an Internally Anchored Anti-Burnout-System™
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The problem of a career sweet spot disaster is…

…mostly underrated by many professionals and that increasingly leads to more and more people experiencing Burnout. Only around 20 % worldwide according to the Engagement Index are happy and engaged with what they do in their business, career, and even their lifestyle. The other 80 % are not aligned to their internal motivation and having yet discovered their true purpose in this world. Therefore they bring themselves in danger so they cannot protect their vitality any longer day after day and they are on the verge of experiencing Burnout without realizing. Make this Burnout Quick Check now and see if you're in danger and need help, in 30 seconds or less!

You know when you find yourself more and more in situations like Kim…

…She is a personal development loving 35+ year old mompreneur still struggling to be successful. In her business she always feels like what she’s doing is not enough. She is unsure whether her delivered performance is good enough or even rightfully delivered. This causes her to be indecisive. It makes her feel inadequate. Because of this, she tends to overcompensate. This has ultimately led to her experiencing Burnout. She is thinking:

  • I feel stuck again!
  • I don’t make a difference!
  • I am not good enough!
  • I want more income, fulfillment, and effectivity!

Or like Steven? He is…

…a 35+ year old professional consultant who is struggling to start his own business. He still does everything to go quickly up the career ladder and makes it clear that his boss notices that he sends out this email at 10pm, and he calls it a career trick. Steven is having hundreds of (business) ideas but he cannot turn them into a reality because he doesn’t know if it’s the right direction and how to translate those ideas into action. His private life is adjusted to his job and his family feels less appreciated: His excuse is “But I do this for you!“ and he is thinking:

  • Why always me?
  • Why is it not my turn?
  • I hate my job!
  • I have so many ideas, but they always peter out!

And I hear you…

I've been there, too. During more than 30,000 hours of working with my clients, they found the same to be true and yes, you're dreading. As Mark Twain said:
"The 2 most important days in your life are when you’re born and the day you find out why!"

I have successfully helped ambitious professionals and entrepreneurs just like you fix this problem so you can experience the 2nd most important day in your life within 90 days or less, too! Feel free to find out for yourself and…

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Empowered by my Breakthrough To Brilliance System™ – proven and successful since over 30,000 professional coaching hours:

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Live In Person Worldwide* –Experience The 2nd Most Important Day In Your Life™

  • 1:1 Premium Platinum – 4 Months Coaching Program about Self-Actualization, Business, Career, and Lifestyle.

    If you feel like you’ve achieved everything you thought you wanted in life – you have the business, the family, the career, the stuff, but you find something is still missing to complete you. Experience the 2nd most important day in your life so you can enjoy deep contentedness and the satisfaction of your meaningful and happy life. Profit from this exclusive and comfortable one-on-one coaching experience wherever you live*. Premium Gold Included. Find out more…

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  • Stefan Pirnbacher Stefan Pirnbacher
    I was totally dissatisfied with my professional situation. My 2 Burnouts showed me that I was running in the wrong direction. I was trapped in my mind thinking that I should be the best and climb the career ladder as fast as possible. At first, after my burnout, I tried to help myself, which was so typical of me handling things. But I was not successful. Uwe helped me through his coaching program. I realized that my mindset had an effect not only on my work but also to my whole life. Today I work again in the same job as before my Burnout, but I have a completely different attitude to it. Uwe supported me to have more success in the job but to work less, gain more money, and to find out what is really important to me in life: Me and my family. I now make my decisions independently and without afterthoughts, and as a result, I am profoundly content. And the most beautiful thing is that I can be sure not to get another Burnout because I only do what is good for me and that I genuinely love, whether on the job or in my spare time.
  • Ana Huber Ana Huber
    Looking back, I was very dissatisfied the last years before the birth of my child. I was always restless, often strained, and had an inner emptiness in me. I did not know what I really wanted, therefore I had a very hard time to make substantial decisions. During that time I could not be alone with me at all. So I always wanted to distract myself. Therefore I started the coaching with Uwe. Step by step, he brought me to the points of looking deeply into my innermost being and recognizing the old patterns and beliefs I held. Those patterns were unhealthy for me, blocked me, and kept me away from being in my very own way. But with the help of Uwe, I finally was able to let go and let in my true purpose. I found deep satisfaction in me. And I call it "Silence That Moves". Today I am much more relaxed, can understand setbacks as an opportunity and go my way to build a business that suits me and my son. So that we can live the life I always wanted. And I owe this to Uwe and his coaching.
  • Katja Glöckler Katja Glöckler
    Do you know this moment, when the clouds suddenly open and all what have been unclear and uncertain becomes crystal clear? All the questions and doubts dissappered. All you see is the clear reason and the way out of the situation, that makes sense and that will work! This is my experience with Uwe, he is highly emphatic and he leads you so well to be super clear and to finally understand, what ist going on! Thank you again for this Uwe!!! You are a rockstar!
  • Kim Marie Kim Marie
    Uwe and I met in person at a conference, after having met online while participating in a program together. We decided to keep in touch and scheduled a Zoom call. Then he said, "Can I ask you just a couple of questions?" Well, those questions turned into a powerful conversation through which I found myself opening my guarded heart in bigger ways than before. I came to see how little I was trusting myself in my own process of business development. The thing that I found most special about Uwe is the way he somehow, in a very short time, has you feeling like he will hold everything you feel and express as sacred. I felt safe to be coached. And...take note...he doesn't let you stay in any kind of head-space! He takes you straight to the heart where the healing happens!! Now I feel so much more confident in my own gifts, and my capacity to make a difference. Uwe really helped me to see the value of what I bring to the world! Thank you dear Uwe for your gifts and your loving care!
  • Carlos Barrera Carlos Barrera
    So many people claim to be Breakthrough Coaches, but Uwe is the real deal. After only a couple sessions of working with him, I sense a much stronger sense of self. His work isn't generic, nor is it oversimplified formulas that can easily be attained in most personal development books. His work is in depth, transformational, and also practical so that you can walk away with real empowering tools. I highly recommend him.
  • Linda Vorthman Linda Vorthman
    After retiring I was frozen in time, unable to move forward on projects or pursue goals. I constantly felt so stuck and overwhelmed. I was in a state of burnout, rarely leaving home or socializing. My doctor sent me to a psychiatrist for prescriptions, but the health effects were disastrous with no progress. Uwe’s genius succeeded, when others could not, by guiding me through his unique process of manifesting an opening for me to confront and move beyond my resistance. I feel so radiant now, connected with my life purpose, being of service to others, as an entrepreneur. I love myself now. Uwe is a godsend with his extreme patience in enabling me to grow and be active in a life worth living.
  • Natalia Senkova Natalia Senkova
    Uwe is a very talented and compassionate coach that is a pleasure to work with and is very invested in his clients’ success. He took the time to really get deep into my issues that have been challenging for me to express and deal with effectively for a long time. By using his awesome proprietary methodology he helped me tackle my limiting belief that was in the way on my path to self-actualization. In conjunction with self hypnosis our sessions really helped me to be in a place of action and not just ideas. Once you get rid of your core limiting belief that governs your emotions that govern your actions, you are empowered to see the world from a different perspective and make the most of your purpose and life. If you are serious about figuring out what your beliefs are and challenging and reversing the ones that are stopping you from moving forward, then absolutely go see Uwe!

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