2016 I published this "Open Letter To Sir Ken Robinson" and I contributed it on his website this year again. I am still waiting for an answer, but see for yourself …

At one point you were wrong, Sir Ken Robinson!

You didn’t convince me that there is not more to the concept of "Finding Your Element". And I can prove it.

Let me quickly tell you a story about a boy, who was sexually abused at the age of 10. He didn’t tell his parents and it took him 20 years to find out what went wrong with him. He was convinced that he cannot feel anything. He drank, used drugs, to fill that hole inside of him, but he lost everything.
He didn’t give up because his deepest wish was to feel and experience the world like it is without dependent making substances. In his family, there was the saying that someone is in his element and others aren’t. But he never experienced his very own element. Therefore he lived his everyday life and work and hoped that one day somehow it would be possible to find his element to have the meaning he craved so long for.
10 years later he discovered your book "Finding Your Element" after he watched your 2006 TED Talk "Do School's Kill Creativity?".

He was in his 40-ties and eagerly read every line twice as soon as he was holding it in his hands to figure out how he can find his own element. He was thankful because finally someone was writing and talking about this concept of finding your element. So many beautiful and heartwarming stories about people who are living in their element inspired him deeply. But there was still no specific answer for him on how to find his own element.
He loves this book until today.
The boy was me. I’m 53 years old and I have a professional coaching business providing liberating lifestyles since almost 10 years because I went on my journey myself to find out my very own element, and luckily I found mine:

Helping people to make their inner workings clear to them so they understand how they work and tick. The "geek" version is "I decipher patterns and translate them into form." that is MY 1 Million Dollar Sentence is built upon to achieve success with higher standards.

Since then, hundreds of clients and 30.000 coaching hours later I am helping professionals, doctors, dentists, and entrepreneurs to embody their true why so they can turn their purpose into impact, be wickedly effective, and protect their vitality, their business, and their family 24/7.

I congratulate you from the bottom of my heart to your 11 year anniversary. This anniversary will always remind me how thankful I am having read your book, so I can live in my element helping my clients to liberate and upgrade their lifestyles.

Thank you very much, Sir Ken Robinson, for being wrong in this one point not being able to convince me.

Energizing results,
Uwe Dockhorn (2018)

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