This is the story of a 28 year old young man who found himself standing on a bridge, desperate enough to jump. “I had reached the end of my rope and saw no solution inside me.” My father died when I was 23, I had become isolated, and separated from friends, lost my job, I was overwhelmed, physical and emotional exhaustion, and felt there was no reason for being in this world.

“I was convinced that I could not feel anything, and the truth was, I didn’t feel anything – I was numb.”

That’s when I found myself on the edge of that bridge. I remember it was a crystal clear, but bitter cold, winter night. I was watching the stars, breathing the cold air. In and out. I could see my breath. I slowly leaned forward.

I let go, but in that moment something happened. While everything else was pitch black inside and out, I saw a tiny little light inside me - then I felt it. Something sitting right under my nose, and because I couldn’t feel it, I couldn’t perceive it.

“That night, I learned an important lesson, what I now call “Elephant Thinking”,  and it took me 20 years of continuous personal development to create The Anti-Burnout-System™,my proprietary work that creates lasting results in people in 8 hours or less.”

Like on the bridge that night, the secret that nobody in the industry of transformation and health is focusing on: Letting go is only 50% of the equation.

Without the other half of the equation, letting go leaves you in free fall.

“What if I tell you, the other 50% after you let go is to feel, perceive, and let in what is already there? It’s like a muscle; letting go and letting in, it’s a 2-part process and it happens at the same time. Always. We are so focused on letting go that we miss the opportunity to consciously bring in what is there in that very moment to help you to get into action and do things differently.

For the very first time since my father had died, I felt something inside me on that bridge and it drew me back from jumping. I made myself a promise 25 years ago that I am still keeping today.”

Known as the Lifestyle Liberator, Uwe Dockhorn is the founder of the Anti-Burnout-System™, a premium coaching program, that offers the solution to liberating lifestyles for ambitious and dedicated doctors, dentists, C-Suite executives, and their Very Important Partners (VIPs). He has made it his life purpose to help other professionals to “decipher patterns and translate them into form”.

In the beginning, I developed cutting-edge Visual Thinking Training Programs for project managers and consultants in the military and diverse corporate areas, but it was clear that everybody was supposed to leap over a “training wall” to succeed. I found people need more personal time and attention, and two years later I was asked to join an education academy and put in 1:1 situations on a daily basis. The programs thrived and profits increased in the first year by 15%, and in the following by 25%. After over 500 consultations with a full 360° variety of people,and 30,000+ coaching hours, Uwe has successfully helped hundreds of professionals, executives and entrepreneurs to recognize and embody their professional aspirations.

“It has been shown over and over again that the clarity and the knowledge about one’s own driving force are the keys to maximum effectiveness and joy of life. In an era of imminent Burnout, my clients can protect and upgrade their vitality, their business, and most importantly their family life.” Supporting my clients to have clarity on their own perception and realisations, my work has become my daily inspiration; and paying it forward helped me find my own element.

As Mark Twain said: "The 2 most important days in your life are when you’re born and the day you find out why!"

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